Bright Horizons Bright Futures Hendye
Hendye wants to bridge the gap in those early years to make all of her students feel empowered to reach their full potential. Hendye graduated from The Ohio State University’s undergraduate program and will now be working towards her Masters of Education at Ohio State as well. After immigrating to the United States from Haiti as a child, Hendye had difficulty keeping up with her other classmates who were fluent in English. She writes that her move to America is what changed her future. She hopes to “change the educational fate of many young children.” Hendye’s current supervisor praised her “comfortable demeanor with young children, her motivation and her commitment to high quality early childhood care and education.” Her goals include getting to know her students as individuals to help build trust with them and she knows the importance of investing in a child. Hendye hopes to become a Kindergarten teacher. Congratulations Hendye!