Bright Horizons Bright Futures Scholarship Lesli
Lesli is currently working towards a career in the Early Childhood Education field at Blackhawk Technical College, with hopes of receiving her Bachelor’s degree in the near future. Lesli has enjoyed working in the education field for over eight years. She writes, “I’m dedicated to making a difference in a young child’s step at a time.” Lesli’s supervisor has praised her work, stating “Lesli exceeds all expectations by fulfilling all of her job duties. The children respond positively to Lesli’s direction.” She is a goal-oriented, hardworking achiever that is more than ready to expand her knowledge of the field. One instructor writes, “Lesli is very focused on her goals in life and is excited to graduate from Blackhawk Technical College and continue on with her education. She sets goals for herself on a regular basis and works hard to achieve them.” Congratulations Lesli!