Bright Horizons Bright Futures Scholarship Ashleigh
Ashleigh aspires to be a preschool teacher in a NAEYC-accredited center once she has completed her Associate’s Degree, and hopes to someday open her own center. After immigrating to the US from Zimbabwe in 2000, Ashleigh and her husband found that the US didn’t recognize their education accomplishments and would not honor their diplomas. Determined to succeed, both Ashleigh and her husband went back to school in the US while working and taking care of their children. Ashleigh currently works for a center that “welcomes families from all over the world; France, India, Germany, South American, England etc. and I feel that I am in the right place because I too am from a different country and can help these children, and their parents acclimate and come to see America as I do, which is home.” Congratulations, Ashleigh!